Welcome to the inaugural Trophy’s Prospects Newsletter.  The purpose of the newsletter is to keep members updated on the status of Trophy Investing’s prospective startups.  For a company to become a Trophy Investing prospect its share price must have the potential to multiply in price within three to five years after it is added to our portfolio.

The three startups that were chosen by Trophy Investing to be in its “Trophy’s Prospects Newsletter” inaugural letter are considered to be the community’s pillar companies all have exceptional business models. The three have the following traits in common:
• Highly scalable digital business and revenue models which address the mass consumer market.
• Extremely low user or customer acquisition costs.
• Have products or services which have potential to spread virally via social media.
• Potential to get to $1 billion valuations by the end of 2018 and to $10 billion valuations by the end of 2020:

Startups available for investment for month ending November 30, 2017

Startup StartEngine (CO-108) at a share price of $5.00 was available for investment at the conclusion of the prior October month. Should it get to a billion dollar valuation by the end of 2018 its share price has the potential to be $40.00 per share. Startups CO-107 and CO-110 will each be offering shares at $1.00 on November 29, 2017. Assuming that both get to billion dollar valuations by the end of 2018 their share prices have the potential to be at $50 or higher. For a complete list of all of Trophy Investing’s prospective startups click here.

The probability is very high that the offerings for CO-107 and CO-110 will be oversubscribed on November 29, 2017 which will be the first day that their offerings will be available for investment. Both startups are raising a maximum of $1 million as compared to StartEngine which is raising $5 million. The minimum investment of $100 for both companies is much lower than StartEngine’s $500 minimum.

To increase the probability of receiving an allocation we recommend that you utilize this proprietary link to open an account and familiarize yourself with StartEngine. It is the SEC regulated platform that all members will be utilizing to make their investments in the two startups that will become available on November 29, 2017.

The names of the prospective startups for potential investment are not revealed until their offering dates for two reasons:
The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) prohibits any information about a startup utilizing Regulation CF to raise capital from being released until the day of the offering.

• Keeping the names confidential insures that the prospective startups will be available for Trophy Investing’s members to invest. The divulgence of the names would increase the probability of venture capitalists and professional investors attempting to go directly to the startup to usurp Trophy Investing.

Trophy Investing is forecasting for the future that the offerings for all of the startups that it identifies will be oversubscribed. To increase the probability of a member receiving an allocation for a startup and to make it easier for a member to build a diversified portfolio of startups Trophy Investing intends to eventually offer premium memberships. All members will receive notifications as to when the premium membership offerings become available.